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  1. OnTimeZone.com Time zones for the USA and North America
    US Time Zones and other North American time zones, in image formats and data formats good for GPS and mapping programs.
  2. World Time Zones - World Time Map with 25 Time Zones
    World Time Zones with interactive time zone maps, current local times and daylight maps.
  3. Official CIA World Time Zone Map - EverythingLongDistance.com
    Official CIA World Time Zone Map. World Time Zone Map. International Phone Card International phone cards are available for worldwide ...
  4. EarthTools - Find places, latitude/longitude, sunrise/sunset ...
    Find places, latitude, longitude, local time, time zones, sunrise/sunset times, elevation/height for anywhere in the world using a simple ...
  5. World Time Zone Map - CSGNetwork
    Mapped World Time Zones. Version 6.2.1. World Time Zone Map.
  6. Time Zones of the World Map - MapAbility.Com
    A Ham Radio Map of Time Zones of the World, available for free download.
  7. ZebraMap - Travel and long distance help
    Sign up to create your own map. All fields are required. First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Email Address again: Password: At least seven ...
  8. jQuery and Imagemap Timezone Picker
    Map width. Map color scheme. Gray, Blue marble, Night Electric, Living Earth. Select your country and timezone. Time ...
  9. China Only Has One Time Zone—and That's a Problem - The Atlantic
    Nov 5, 2013 ... Maybe so, but the single time zone does present odd sights: In the summer ... In order to accommodate people ...
  10. Online Conversion - Time Zone Conversion
    Find out what time it is in different time zones. ... Click an area of the map to view the Time Zone Map from the U. S. Naval ...
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