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  1. Discovery of ancient stone tools in Brazil challenges belief about ...
    Mar 28, 2014 ... Archaeologists have announced the discovery of stone tools in Brazil which they
    say prove that ancient humans ...
  2. Stone Tool Activities - National Park Service
    Student outcomes: At the end of this activity, students will know the tools,
    materials, and steps required for making flaked stone tools, ...
  3. More Tile & Stone Tools - Contractors Direct
    Category includes hydrophilic sponges, tile removal scrapers, spacers & wedges,
    knee pads & gloves, notch trowels, sealer & ...
  4. First Technologies: Fire and Tools [ushistory.org]
    People of the Stone Age did not have the luxury of turning on the TV and
    watching Tim "Rock" Taylor host "Tool ...
  5. This Gorgeous Knife Draws Inspiration From Our Ancestor's Stone ...
    Mar 18, 2013 ... While crude by today's standards, the stone tools used by our ancestors were
    obviously more than adequate for ...
  6. Dating stone tools: Tooled up | The Economist
    Mar 24, 2011 ... The diffusion of technology is crucial to human development, and that was as true
    in the stone age as it is now.
  7. Stone Tool Technology - Chemistry Land
    What was the problem? 2. How did chemistry solve the problem? 3. What was the
    positive impact of solving this problem on society? 4. What were ...
  8. Rock Cutting Tools Marble Cutting Chisel Stone Carving Tool
    Rock Cutting Tools Marble Cutting Chisel Stone Carving Tool ... Tool Groups.
    Masonry Restoration Sculpting Hard ...
  9. Chimp "Stone Age" Finds Are Earliest Nonhuman Ape Tools, Study ...
    Feb 13, 2007 ... That's one possible explanation for new evidence that West African chimpanzees
    learned to use stone tools on ...
  10. Stone Tools, Pneumatic Stone Tools, Drill Steels, Rock Bits, DHT ...
    Rock Drills, Stone Tools, Pneumatic Stone Tools, Pneumatic Bits, Drill Steels and
    Bits, DHT Hammers and Bits, Stone Splitting and ...
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