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  1. 3.3-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Unearthed in Kenya - Sci-News.com
    May 20, 2015 ... A team of scientists led by Dr Sonia Harmand of Stony Brook University has
    unearthed the earliest tools ever ...
  2. The Oldest Stone Tools Predate Homo Sapiens by Millions of Years ...
    May 20, 2015 ... Scientists have discovered the oldest stone tools ever found, dating back some
    3.3 million years to Pliocene ...
  3. World's oldest known stone tools found in Africa - CNBC.com
    May 20, 2015 ... The discovery of a few stone tools in Kenya has just pushed back a piece of the
    archaeological record almost a ...
  4. Early Human Evolution: Early Human Culture
    The first unquestionable stone tools were evidently made and used by early
    transitional humans and possibly Australopithecus garhi in ...
  5. Real Stone Tools - Miscellaneous - Minecraft Mods - Curse
    Jul 7, 2015 ... Real Stone Tools Overview: This is a simple mod that changes the recipes for
    stone tools to actually use ...
  6. Stone Tool Glossary - Definitions and Descriptions of Archaelogical ...
    This list is a brief reference guide for the purpose of identifying stone tools and
    techniques used in many parts of the world. It was ...
  7. Stone Tools - Bone Clones, Inc. - Osteological Reproductions
    Offer a wide variety of stone tools associated with our fossil hominids and early
    man. These tools come from various stone tool ...
  8. Indian stone war hammers, axe, celt and tool sale - Ice-Age Indian Art
    Authentic Native American Indian stone axes, war hammers, celts, knives, drills
    and rare stone tools for sale. Free shipping offer.
  9. Tile Tools & Stone Cutting Tools - Harbor Freight Tools
    Tile tools and stone cutting tools cost less at Harbor Freight. Deep discounts on
    tile saws, stone cutting ...
  10. Human Evolution and the Stone Tool - Andy White Anthropology
    May 27, 2015 ... The recent announcement of the discovery in stone tools in Kenya dating to 3.3
    million years ago (MYA) has been ...
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