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  1. Archaeologists discover the world's oldest stone tools - The Week
    May 20, 2015 ... A team of scientists in Kenya has discovered the oldest known stone tools, but
    their creators remain a mystery.
  2. Studies of Stone Tool Behavior in Modern Apes - Stone Age Institute
    Studies of Stone Tool Behavior in Modern Apes. How skilled were early hominid
    tool-makers, and how do these skills compare to those among ...
  3. Tools – Minecraft Wiki
    Jun 14, 2015 ... Tools are items used by the player while held to perform actions faster and ...
    Tools can be repaired; see ...
  4. Cavemen Used Complex Cognitive Skills To Make Stone Tools ...
    A look inside the brains of modern-day stone toolmakers suggests that our
    prehistoric ancestors had to use some sophisticated cognitive ...
  5. Search | African Fossils
    Lomekwian; Late Stone Age; Oldowan. Tool Type. --; Core; Hammerstone; Flake;
    Anvil; Harpoon; Pebble; Scraper; Chopper; Pick. AGE.
  6. Stonetools - Gold Coast, Queensland - Construction Service ...
    Stonetools, Gold Coast, Queensland. 638 likes. Stone and Concrete Tools and
    equipment, tips tricks and everything in between.
  7. Experimental Determination of Stone Tool Uses: A Microwear ...
    A major problem confronting archeologists is how to determine the function of
    ancient stone tools. In this important work, Lawrence H.
  8. Stone Tools - Tools & Equipment - Master Wholesale
    Stone cutting, polishing, edging and cleaning tools and products. Slab saws,
    diamond blades, diamond router bits, polishers and ...
  9. Çatalhöyük: Ground Stone Tools - Science Museum of Minnesota
    Making stone tools by pecking, grinding and polishing is a defining technology
    for the new stone age, or Neolithic period. Stone ...
  10. Stone Tools for 2.5 Million Years - Anthropology 1.10
    Stone tools date to 2.5million years ago, yet direct ape-to-human comparisons
    persist. As Jonathan Marks comments: "We evolved, get ...
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