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  1. Step Pyramid of Djoser - Saqqara, Egypt - Sacred Destinations
    The Step Pyramid of Djoser (also spelled Djozer or Zoser) in Saqqara is the
    oldest stone pyramid in Egypt and an important development in ...
  2. Ancient Egyptian Monuments: Step Pyramid of Djoser's, Saqqara
    Ancient Egyptian Monuments: Djoser's Step Pyramid, possibly the first stone
    monument in the world.
  3. Djoser Step Pyramid Original height - Guardian's Egypt
    Djoser Step Pyramid By Andrew Bayuk Original height: approx: 62.18 meters(204
    feet) Base: 125.27 m x 109.12 m (411' x 358') built ...
  4. Guardian's Saqqara - The Step Pyramid - Guardian's Egypt
    As you enter the pyramid complex you approach the south side of the pyramid ...
    It is presently accepted that the Step Pyramid of Djoser ...
  5. Saqqara.nl: Step pyramid of Djoser
    Pyramid of Djoser The pyramid tomb of king Djoser (ca. 2667-2648 BC) of the 3rd
    Dynasty at Saqqara, the first ever to be built, is justly named ...
  6. Egypt's 4,600-year-old pyramid of Zoser: a history of cities in 50 ...
    Mar 23, 2015 ... For his step-pyramid is not only the first of its kind. It is also the world's oldest
    large-scale ...
  7. Djoser Step Pyramid for kids *** - Ancient Egyptians for kids
    A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the Step Pyramid. Discover
    fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and Step ...
  8. The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser
    Oct 6, 1994 ... The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser (also spelled Zozer) was built during the
    Third Dynasty (ca. 2800 B.C.) in what ...
  9. Step Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser) Tourist Information & Facts -
    Step Pyramid Photo by: peifferc, Creative Commons The Step Pyramid of Djoser (
    Zoser) is the earliest stone pyramid in Egypt, thus ...
  10. Exploring the Step Pyramid, Ancient Egypt's "Stairway to Heaven ...
    Apr 28, 2009 ... http://drhawass.com - Zahi Hawass takes you on a journey through the
    mysterious passages under Egypts first pyramid, the ...
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