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  1. 14 Most Amazing Step Pyramids of the World | Touropia
    Jan 21, 2014 ... A step pyramid is a temple tower that is made of several layers (or steps) of stone.
    Ancient civilizations all ...
  2. Saqqara pyramids, Step pyramid - Egypt tours
    The site is dominated by the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, which goes back to
    2700 BC. It is one of the oldest stone structures in the ...
  3. No One Knows Why Ancient Egyptians Built This 4,600-Year-Old ...
    Feb 3, 2014 ... Archaeologists recently uncovered a 4,600-year-old step pyramid near the
    Egyptian city of Edfu. It is the seventh ...
  4. Step Pyramid of Djoser -- Ancient History Encyclopedia
    The Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara is one of the first of the many pyramids
    that are iconic to ancient Egyptian culture. Djoser's ...
  5. Step Pyramid of Djoser - About Archaeology
    The Step Pyramid of Djoser was the first of the great pyramids built in Egypt,
    during the Old Kingdom's 3rd Dynasty about 2800 BC.
  6. Saving the Step Pyramid | drhawass.com - Zahi Hawass
    Below the pyramid a maze of underground galleries, shafts, and passages winds
    for a length of over 3 and a half miles. The buildings in the ...
  7. Saqqara.nl: Step pyramid of Djoser
    Pyramid of Djoser The pyramid tomb of king Djoser (ca. 2667-2648 BC) of the 3rd
    Dynasty at Saqqara, the first ever to be built, is justly named ...
  8. Step pyramid - Ancient Egypt
    Step pyramid at Saqqara, Egypt. In the third dynasty, a pharaoh named Djoser
    had a large stone pyramid built at Saqqara. This pyramid has ...
  9. British Museum - Faience tile from the Step Pyramid of Djoser
    The tomb of King Djoser (2630-2611 BC) at Saqqara, known as the Step Pyramid
    , was the first Egyptian pyramid tomb, and the earliest stone ...
  10. 4,600-year-old step pyramid uncovered in Egypt and its purpose is a ...
    Feb 3, 2014 ... In an incredible new discovery in Edfu, southern Egypt, archaeologists have
    uncovered a step pyramid that they ...
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