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  1. Overview — Sphinx 1.2.2 documentation
    Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful
    documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD ...
  2. Extension:SphinxSearch - MediaWiki
    The Sphinx Search Engine seems to promise exactly that; a full text search
    engine that is both flexible and fast. This extension ...
  3. The Sphinx's Nose - Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
    The nose of the Great Sphinx at Giza is made conspicuous by its absence. What
    happened to it? The popular story is that the troops of ...
  4. The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of ...
    The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind [Graham
    Hancock, Robert Bauval] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on ...
  5. Great Sphinx of Giza - Giza, Egypt - Sacred Destinations
    The Great Sphinx is a colossal stone statue located next to the Pyramids of Giza
    in Egypt. Carved out of limestone, the Sphinx has ...
  6. Sphinx Restaurant Santorini - Restaurants in Santorini Fira
    Restaurant in Santorini. Sphinx Restaurant Santorini offers food in Fira Santorini -
    Santorini Restaurants.
  7. yiisoft/yii2-sphinx · GitHub
    4 days ago ... yii2-sphinx - [READ ONLY] Yii 2 Sphinx extension. This is a subtree split off the "
    yii2" repo.
  8. Sphinx :: d20srd.org
    Sphinx. Sphinxes are enigmatic creatures with great, feathery wings and leonine
    bodies. All sphinxes are territorial, but ...
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