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  1. Iphone 4s sending text messages as my email adr... | Apple Support ...
    Jan 18, 2012 ... When I send a text message from my iphone 4s, others receive it as a text from
    my email adress. Has ...
  2. The text of my email messages is larger or smaller than usual - Outlook
    When you compose, reply to, or forward an email message, and the message
    body (including the text) appears larger or smaller than ...
  3. How do I use my @facebook.com email address? | Facebook Help ...
    Email messages that are sent to your @facebook.com email address will be
    forwarded to the primary email on your Facebook ...
  4. If I unsubscribe my email address from a message that I received ...
    Yes. Choosing to share your email address with an app will allow it to have
    access to your updated Facebook email address. You can ...
  5. How do I check the Sent messages in the Email Message section?
    The delivery status of messages can be checked within the Edit Message section
    of the ... next to the survey title on the ...
  6. Why are emails missing, or showing up in my Old, Recently Deleted ...
    Apr 23, 2014 ... Are you missing messages when you sign into your account at mail.aol.com?
    Check the POP settings in whatever ...
  7. Why Can't I Receive Email Messages? - Network Solutions
    If not, any e-mail messages sent to you would not be recognized by the Network
    ... Log in to Account Manager; Click My Email; If ...
  8. Using Messages in My eBay - new item pages
    An email signature adds a personal touch to your outgoing emails. Adding an
    email signature can help promote your ...
  9. Email Messages | MySJSU | San Jose State University
    Our Set My Preferred Email Address (quick steps) include instructions about how
    to setup your preferred email address in ...
  10. How do I change the email address and name my messages are from?
    http://youtu.be/klLkGwT8vb8 Video transcript: It's very easy to change the email
    address and name that your messages are from.
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