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  1. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Egyptian Mummies
    Mummification was practiced throughout most of early Egyptian history. The
    earliest mummies from prehistoric times probably were ...
  2. The Mummification Museum in Luxor - Tour Egypt
    In the Arabic language mummification means tahneet and it comes from the word
    "hanoot", meaning the substances that are used to ...
  3. How to Make a Mummy Video - Ancient Egypt - HISTORY.com
    A step by step process of how a body was prepared for mummification. The brain
    was removed along with all other major organs except the ...
  4. Minding your Mummies: The Science of Mummification
    In this science fair project, investigate the science of mummification by
    mummifying a hot dog with baking soda.
  5. Egyptian Animals Were Mummified Same Way as Humans
    A new study suggests the ancient Egyptians put as much care into mummifying
    some cats, birds, and other animals as they did into ...
  6. Ancient Egypt Mummies and the Afterlife for Kids
    A method of artificial preservation, called mummification was developed by the
    ancient Egyptians. Mummification was a complicated ...
  7. How Mummies Were Made - Neferchichi's Tomb at neferchichi.com
    The entire process of mummification took 70 days to complete. Several
    embalmers conducted the task in the special embalming shop or per ...
  8. Mummification - Fordham University
    An excerpt from Herodotus's The Histories.
  9. You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy!
    Web book with interactive graphics outlines the steps involved in making an
    Egyptian Mummy.
  10. mummification - definition of mummification by The Free Dictionary
    v. mum·mi·fied, mum·mi·fy·ing, mum·mi·fies. v.tr. 1. To make into a mummy by
    embalming and drying. 2. To cause to shrivel and dry up. v.intr. To ...
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