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  1. sphinx (mythology) -- Encyclopedia Britannica
    Aug 26, 2014 ... Mythological creature with a lion's body and a human head, an important image
    in Egyptian and Greek art and legend.
  2. Information on the Great Sphinx at Giza | Trails.com
    The Great Sphinx is regarded as an engineering masterpiece of the ancient
    world. ... Fun Fact. One legend of the Great ...
  3. Who Built the Pyramids? | Harvard Magazine Jul-Aug 2003
    The pyramids and the Great Sphinx rise inexplicably from the desert at Giza, ...
    and in fact, at precisely that location, at the ...
  4. The Great Sphinx - Ancient Egypt
    The Great Sphinx is a large human-headed lion that was carved from a mound of
    natural rock. It is located in Giza where it guards the ...
  5. What are facts about the Great Sphinx of Giza - Answers.com
    It is generally accepted that the Sphinx was built by Pharaoh Khafre - c2575 to
    c2465 BC - during the Old Kingdom, the age of the ...
  6. British Museum - Fragment of the beard of the Great Sphinx
    Together with the nearby pyramids, the Great Sphinx at Giza is one of the great ...
    In fact an early fifteenth-century Arab ...
  7. Sphinx - Social Studies for Kids
    The sphinx was a legendary creature that was said to have asked a very ... No
    one knowswhohad the sphinx built. ... See ...
  8. The Sphinx of Giza -- Its Nose, Lips, Gender, and Ethnicity -- www ...
    Anyone who has a matter-of-fact, conclusive answer to .... The Great Sphinx of
    Giza from Hogenberg & Braun's (map), ...
  9. Seven Wonders of Egypt : Seven Wonders Of The World : Travel ...
    The Great Sphinx of Giza is a large half-human, half-lion statue in Egypt, on the
    Giza Plateau at the west bank of the Nile River near ...
  10. 10 Facts about the Great Sphinx of Giza - Pack for City
    Find out top 10 Facts about the Great Sphinx of Giza. There are a number of facts
    about the Great Sphinx of Giza has that ...
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