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  1. Egyptian Journey 2003: Photos: Dashur: Bent Pyramid
    approaching the bent pyramid. The second of Sneferu's pyramids in Dashur, the
    Bent Pyramid is a very obvious example of the ...
  2. "Pyramids and Temples in Egypt" by Coen Vonk
    We may also wonder why the Pharaoh Sneferu has three pyramids to his name:
    the (Northern) Red Pyramid; the (Southern) Bent Pyramid; and ...
  3. Secrets of Egyptian pyramids could lie in cosmic particles - USA Today
    Jan 18, 2016 ... The 4,600-year-old Bent Pyramid is believed to be Egypt's attempt at the first
    smooth-sided pyramid. The ...
  4. Bent pyramid Archives - Capital Berg
    Jan 20, 2016 ... A team of international scientists will analyze the muons that were collected from
    the plates of the Bent Pyramid ...
  5. Thermal Scan of Egypt's Pyramids Reveals Mysterious Hot Spots ...
    Nov 11, 2015 ... Researchers using thermal cameras to scan the Egyptian pyramids ... the Bent
    Pyramid and the Red Pyramid, ...
  6. The Bent Pyramid, Dahshur Pyramids, Cairo Attractions
    The Bent Pyramid represents the penultimate stage of the development phases
    of the royal cemetery reaching the full pyramid shape.
  7. Bent Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur : MIT Libraries
    The oldest pyramid is that of King Sneferu (reg c. 2575–c. 2551 bc), which is the
    first to have been designed from the start as a true ...
  8. Bent Pyramid - Wikiwand
    The Bent Pyramid is an ancient Egyptian pyramid located at the royal necropolis
    of Dahshur, approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo, ...
  9. The Bent Pyramid | Svetlana Meritt
    May 15, 2013 ... Approaching the Bent pyramid at Dahshur from the silent immensity of the
    Saqqara desert, one gets an impression ...
  10. Timeline for development of pyramids and pyramid like structures ...
    Snefru is shining (in the South). Ruler: Snefru Location: Dashur Date: ca 2505 –
    2485 BC Dimensions: The base measures ...
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